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The inside of the Acoustical Sheetmetal Company warehouse with various workers and enclosures being produced.

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Engaging content. Quality video. Creative graphics. See how we partnered with Acoustical Sheetmetal Company to increase market share and meet growth goals by telling their brand story.

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Brand & Marketing Resources from Gravity Group

Embracing Effective Communication

Do you talk to people, or do you just talk at them? Karen Nicholas discusses the important difference in this episode of Brand Story. As a strategic communications professional and freelance writer, she helps others improve their communication skills to better engage with employees and ensure messaging connects. In this episode, you’ll hear from Karen about the three B’s of messaging, why stories can help your message resonate better, and how the illusion of communication can impact how we react.

Developing Creative Leaders

Vann Graves was told early on in his advertising career — don’t fall in love with your work, respect your work. As creators, we always need to balance our visions with what the client actually needs, so being fearless and open to new ideas is paramount to finding success in the business world. As the Executive Director of the VCU Brandcenter, Vann is helping develop the next generation of critical thinkers, problem solvers, and creative leaders, and in this episode of Brand Story, he’s sharing his advice with our listeners.

Building Relationships on LinkedIn

Tara Horstmeyer has three tips for interacting on LinkedIn. Be real. Be relatable. Be relational. As a LinkedIn professional and the owner of Happy Words, Tara knows the value in building relationships, and encourages others to stop lurking and create from the heart. In this episode, you’ll hear from Tara about the opportunities for connections on LinkedIn and how to get more out of the platform through authentic conversations.

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